Why Pegas?

The name Pegas is inspired by the majestic and mythical Pegasus from Greek mythology. Just as the legendary winged horse was known for its speed, grace, and ability to transport heroes to great heights, Pegas embodies these qualities in our vehicle transportation services.

In selecting the name Pegas, we wanted to convey a sense of reliability, efficiency, and the ability to go above and beyond for our customers. Much like Pegasus carried the hero Bellerophon on daring adventures, Pegas is dedicated to transporting vehicles safely and swiftly to their destination.

The choice of Pegas reflects our commitment to providing a service that is not just functional, but also inspiring. We believe that our customers’ vehicles are more than just machines; they represent freedom, adventure, and opportunity. By choosing Pegas, our customers can trust that their vehicles will be in the best hands, allowing them to focus on their own exciting journeys.

Ultimately, the name Pegas symbolizes our dedication to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional vehicle transportation services. We aim to uphold the legacy of Pegasus by becoming a trusted partner in helping our customers’ vehicles reach new horizons.

Thank you for choosing Pegas for all your vehicle transportation needs!